Meet our small yet dedicated team of candle makers! When you buy one of our candles (or decide to buy them in bulk), you can be 100% sure that this team has made them by hand in our artisanal candle studio in Utrecht.

Giselle Team Brandt kaarsen


Founder / Owner

Moos Team Brandt kaarsen


Head of Production

Josephine Team Brandt kaarsen



Luna Team Brandt kaarsen



Helga Team Brandt kaarsen



Nicholas Team Brandt kaarsen



We are all busy bees! Moos, Nicholas and Luna also have their own businesses, Josephine didn’t want to sit still after retirement and aunt Helga (yes Giselle’s aunt) needs to be “kept off the streets” according to her own words ;). And together we fill the days with answering emails, packing, making candles, laughing and most of all caring about the candles!

Our passion behind the candles?

* Making candles that are stylish and as sustainable as possible.

* Making you enjoy the candles when you light them.

* Create a memory associated with one of our scents.

* To show you again and again that we make the candles with passion for the craft.

* To keep growing towards even more beautiful, delicate and sustainable candles.