What are vegan candles?

Most regular candles contain animal raw materials like beeswax and stearin from animal fat. Fortunately, animal-friendly alternatives are available. The candles from Brandt candles are made from 100% eco soy wax and essential oils, and are therefore completely vegan. Shop your vegan candles below or check out all our candles here.

Sojakaars Cederhout & Vanille van Brandt
Cedarwood & Vanilla

Get cozy with the warmth and spiciness of cedar wood that balances on a base of light and sweet vanilla. Perfect for a night in… Our Wood collection soy candles are inspired by a stroll in the woods. They are … Continued

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Sojakaars Lavendel van Brandt

Whether you are reading a good book, or you combine this lavender candle with your morning routine, the classic relaxing scent of lavender can be used for all-day moments of serenity. Our Apothecary candle is infused with floral lavender oils … Continued

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Cadeauset 3 sojakaarsen
Sample Box – Pick 3

Our apothecary sample box with 3 candles is a perfect gift to a friend or to yourself because it is wrapped so cute you don’t have to do it yourself! Each candle is made by hand with much love for … Continued

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Ingredients for vegan candles

We only use sustainable ingredients to make our candles. These ingredients are 100% eco soy wax, essential oils for the scents and a lead-free wick made from eco-cotton. These are the natural materials for our candles in a nutshell:

  • Soy wax
  • Essential oils
  • Eco-cotton wick

Sojakaars Jasmijn van Brandt

This shrub is also called the queen of the night for spreading her scent when night falls. But with our Apothecary Jasmine candle you can spread the sweet, exotic scent through the room at any time. Our Apothecary candles are … Continued

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Cadeauset 4 sojakaarsen
Sample Box – Pick 4

Our apothecary sample box with 4 scented soy candles is nicely wrapped and you can choose from the scents: Coconut & Aloe Vera, Green tea lime, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Wild Tobacco, Lavender and Surf Swell. More to try, more to love! … Continued

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Sojakaars Sandelhout & Patchouli van Brandt
Sandalwood & Patchouli

This warm scent will reminiscent of a Finnish sauna. The subtle, woodsy scent of sandalwood is combined with a few drops of the sweet, spicy and earthy patchouli. Relax… Our Wood collection soy candles are inspired by a stroll in … Continued

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Vegan scented candles

Our vegan scented candles come in different scents inspired by nature. Take our fresh jasmine scented candle for example, or a candle with the sweet scent of sandalwood. We also have candles with the scents green tea lime, coconut and cedarwood. Check out all our vegan scented candles in our webshop.


Candles for every moment

You can burn our vegan candles care-free everywhere and at any moment. While studying for example, or next to a delicious warm bath. Of course, our candles are also perfect for a cosy (winter)evening with friends or family.


Want to buy vegan candles?

Are you looking to buy candles that are 100% vegan? You can buy your candles with different scents at Brandt candles. Not only are our scented candles vegan, they are also handmade with love in our studio in Utrecht. Shop all candles here.