Think about those long, summer evenings where you can sit outside in your summer outfit for hours. Maybe sipping from a glass of cold white wine after having friends over for the day. What could make this setting even better? Luxurious scented candles!

Your favourite scent will slowly fill the kitchen while you are doing the dishes after a lovely barbecue, or the living room while having dinner inside because of that sudden summer rainfall. You can also recollect memories of your favourite holiday with the scents of our luxurious scented candles.

Why choose a luxurious scented candle?

Why would you want to buy a luxurious scented candle instead of a regular candle from your local supermarket? Because it will last 30% to 45% longer than a regular candle and will emit the scents better and more subtle. Especially if you decide to buy soy candles. These candles are not only better for your health (less smoke is released when burning them), but are also sustainable and 100% vegan. This will cheer you and Mother Earth up!

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Create a moment with luxurious scented candles

Brandt tries to think of everything when making what we consider the perfect luxurious scented candle. That’s why we make all products by hand in our small studio and only use premium ingredients. Take our soy wax for example, which is produced on small North-American farms. We only consider carefully produced organic soy beans good enough for our products.

Also, our wicks are made from organic cotton so that you can burn your luxurious scented candle even longer. The end result: lovely summer candles with a subtle scent to create a moment of relaxation. Check out our Sage & Rose candle or Peony candle for example.

Scented summer candle

We all wish for even more light during those long summer nights. When the sun is setting low, and you are outside with friends or reading your book, it’s time to bring out luxurious scented candles. And these cosy summer nights ask for a large scented candle for you to enjoy for a long time. These eye catchers will burn up to ~85 hour and always make your home smell lovely. Like wild tobacco, jasmine or lavender for example? It’s all up to you!

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Large Scented Candle
This large scented candle is sustainable and handmade. Available in all Apothecary scents. Burn time: ~85 hours Height: 87mm Diameter: 109mm Burning instructions:
  • Trim wicks to 4mm before every lighting.
  • Burn candle on a level, fire resistant surface.
  • Do not burn more than 4 hours at a time.
  • Keep the wicks in the center of the candle.
  • Be careful: the glass may be hot.
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It’s also possible to combine different scents! How? With our sample boxes which contain two, three or four different scents of your choice from our popular Apothecary Collection. These awesome sample boxes are perfect to give luxurious scented candles as a gift, for Mother’s Day for example!