Are you looking for wedding candles as part of the beautiful decoration on your wedding? Or would you like to give sustainable candles to your guests for them to remember your special day? Modern wedding candles are the answer for your wedding day! We hand pour all candles and personalise them with your name and wedding date. Our marriage candles come in 3 types:

Moderne trouwkaarsen

Modern wedding candles in small jars

Kaarsen Bruiloft

Wedding candles in apothecary jars


Marriage candles in whiskey glasses

Personalised candles

Of course we would be very happy to provide you with personalised candles for your wedding. Your personal wedding candles will have your names and wedding date on them: a beautiful memory to this special day for you and your guests. Would you like to order our candles? Let us know your wishes by filling out the form below:

Wedding candles as a thank you gift

It would be a lovely gesture to give a thank you gift to your guests to for attending your wedding. Wedding candles are the perfect gift as a keepsake, because everybody will certainly remember this special day when lighting your marriage candle. Would you also like to give soy wax candles as a thank you wedding gift? Submit your wishes using the form above and will we get in touch with you shortly!

Wedding gifts

We’ve made wedding gifts for nearly 10 weddings already and are working together with these partners: Marriage en Trouwen in het bos.