Sustainable soy wax candles

Our sustainable soy candles are handmade and poured with love in Utrecht. We use 100% soy wax flakes from small ecological (non-GMO) farms, bio cotton wicks, the best essential oils and eco friendly gift wrapping.

Why soy candles?

We hand make our scented candles from soy wax: a sustainable product and totally vegan! Also, soy wax candles burn 30% to 45% longer than paraffin candles and no black some is released burning our soy candles.



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Sojakaars pioenroos
Romantic candle with the light, warm scent of peony and a subtle note of citrus.Burning time: 40-45
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Cadeauset 3 sojakaarsen
Sample Box – Pick 3

Our apothecary sample box with 3 candles is a perfect gift to a friend or to yourself because it is wrapped so cute you don’t have to do it yourself anymore! Hand made with love in Utrecht. Ingredients: ecological soy … Continued

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Sojakaars Cederhout & Vanille van Brandt
Cedarwood & Vanilla

Get all cozy with the warmth of cedarwood and the sweetness of vanilla. Perfect for a night in… For our Cedarwood & Vanilla soy wax candles we use the best essential oils. These eco-friendly and luxurious candles burn longer and … Continued

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2 Sojakaarsen Kiezen
Apothecary – Pick 2

Pick 2 soy wax candles if you have two big favourites or you simple can’t choose. Our Apothecary candles are handmade with love and our scents are combined and mixed with essential oils. There are no chemicals or dye added. Burning … Continued

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Scented candles gift set
Scented candles gift set with 1 Apothecary soy wax candle of your choice and a pack of 6 ecological tealights.Contains:      1 Apothecary candle + 6 tealightsBurning time:  20-25 hours for the candle + ~5 hours per tealightBurning hours: ~55 hours in total
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Sojakaars Wild Tobacco van Brandt
Wild Tobacco

The Wild Tobacco Apothecary soy wax candle has a smokey woodsy scent accompanied by notes of the floral and warm gardenia flower. Our Apothecary candles are handmade with love and our scents are combined and mixed with essential oils. There are … Continued

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Natural candles

Most regular candles are made of paraffin wax, derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil. Fortunately, several natural alternatives are available, such as soy wax candles. We therefore make all our natural candles from sustainably grown soy beans.