After a beautiful summer with loads of sun, we now have to face the facts: winter is coming. This means colder days and longer nights, but also that time of the year to make your house cosy with winter candles.

Soja Kaars Ceder & Kruidnagel
Cedar & Clove
Scent:     Cedar & Clove Burntime:  40-45 hours Height:    80mm Diameter:  69mm
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Soja Kaars Dennen & Amber
Pine & Amber
Scent:     Pine & Amber Burntime:  40-45 hours Height:    80mm Diameter:  69mm
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Scented candles for the winter

We’ve developed two special scented candles for the winter, each with its own delicious scent to make your house warm and cosy. Our scented winter candle Pine & Amber has the perfect balance between the scent of a pine forest on a fresh morning and the warmth of amber. The Cedar & Clove winter candle is a harmonious blend between robust cedarwood, aromatic clove and a few drops of orange.

Artisan winter candles

At Brandt, we make all our vegan candles by hand, and pour them in small batches. The same goes for these candles. We have however stepped up our game to make these soy candles even more special. Brandt’s owner Giselle, has drawn the design for the jar and packaging by herself. Afterwards, the design was transferred onto the jar with a technique called screen printing. This was done in a traditional way by Screen printer Wickerhoff. Next to that, the box is made of 100% recycled paper.

Stock up your candles

Brandt has a lot more delicious, subtle scented soy wax candles next to the two above. Sandalwood & Patchouli for example, or any of the scented candles in the Apothecary collection. You can of course also get candles as a present for a loved one with our scented candle gift set!