We can once again welcome the sun rays, open our doors and windows and sit outside (on your own balcony or terrace for the moment). These two summer candles are perfect to keep you company during the warmer months.

SUMMER in a candle

Peonies only bloom for two months each year: in May and June. But that doesn’t really have to matter if you treat yourself to our peony soy candle. You can order this lovely candle in our web shop from March 21st until September 21st!

Soy Candle Peony
Peony and Sage & Rose Soy Candles
Soy Candle Sage & Rose

Summer Must-haves

Our handmade summer candles are perfect to keep you company for the long nights. Or they get you in the mood for the spring cleaning. The soy candle sage & rose with grapefruit is fresh, herbal and sweet at the same time. It’s a bombardment of scents without being too overwhelming.

Our peony soy candle is mildly sweet and will diffuse subtly throughout your room. Both of these summer candles come in stylish 100% recycled cartboard boxes which also make them a great spring or summer gift.

Summer candles for each home

If we may say so ourselves! These candles will look lovely in almost every interior. They are screen printed by artisans in The Netherlands with the hand drawn designs by Brandt’s owner Giselle. The boxes have a clean a minimalist appearance which means it’s also very suitable to give these candles as a gift.