Why soy wax?

  • Soy wax is a vegan and natural ingredient
  • Soy candles burn 30 to 45% longer than paraffin candles
  • There less black smoke when burning soy wax candles


We love nature, since our scents are inspired by it. We also like to take care of nature and want you to have a sustainable choice when it comes to candles. On this page you will find all information about the soy wax and other materials we use and how we try to be as sustainable as possible.

Soy wax

Our wax is made from soybeans and come from family farms in the USA. The wax burns clean which means it is nontoxic and there are no added chemicals. Also, the wax has a lower melting point which allows the candle to burn longer. Soy wax is very easily to clean using water and soap, may you have spilled some!


The eco cotton lead-free wick is carefully chosen. The right thickness and the right size for the right candle. All to make sure it burns at its best!

Premium oils

For our soy candles we use non-toxic oils of premium quality, made for us in Europe. Also, these oils are specially made for soy wax candles which makes them perfect to mix with the wax.

Labels + ink

The labels on the jars are printed on recycled paper using eco ink.

Sojawas schenken
Sojawas vlokken


Sample boxes

The boxes we use for our sample boxes and/or your apothecary candles are made from 75% recycled paper and carry the acknowledged European symbol of RESY.

Wood wool

The wood wool we use for the gift boxes is 100% natural and eco-friendly. And it protects our candles well!


Our rope is recycled.


Our stamp is made of recycled wood.

Webshop wrapping

When you receive a package from Brandt it is well possible you have boxes and protection material that we got from our own retailers. If we do buy and use new boxes and stuffing material is all biodegradable and eco-friendly.