In collaboration with the Queen of Vegan, Lisa Stel, we proudly present our newest scent. In a world which forces you to be constantly ‘on’, it might be a challenge to find a moment for yourself. So we think it’s about time for the perfect balance between warmth and freshness.

Green tea + Magnolia + White Musk

You’ll feel like being in a enchanting flower garden with this special blend. It a perfect balance between fresh green tea and magnolia blossom, with white musk as a base note.

Lisa goes Vegan

You just got to like the wonderful Lisa Stel, the founder of Lisa goes Vegan. On her platform, she shares the experiences of her journey towards a vegan lifestyle. She inspires people every day on how to eat plant-based food (more often) and not surprisingly, this brought forth two delicious vegan cooking books.

Next to that, she also shares practical tips, personal experiences and which vegan lifestyle products she uses. And because we make vegan candles, we were sure this would be a great match.

Lisa goes Vegan Brandt kaarsen
Lisa goes Vegan sojakaars

The Candle

Naturally, this candle is made of 100% soy wax in our studio in Utrecht. We use premium nature-based oils to create the perfect scent for this vegan candle. Burn it until the first layer has melted and relax.