You might already know this, but most regular candles are made from petroleum, coal or oil shale (paraffin) or animal vet (stearin). Starting with Brandt, I have looked for an alternative for this old-fashioned way of producing. Now, we sincerely hope we will start living more conscious, easy and sustainable as a society and believe every little bit helps. And we want we contribute with our natural candles.

Creating the best natural candles

I’ve started making candles on a small electrical camping stove in October 2016 after a year of experimenting. Since then we’ve always used 100% soy wax. This was very unknown in the Netherlands and so we are amongst the pioniers! It felt revolutionary, that’s for sure. Fast forward 5 years later: we’re now using 100% rapeseed wax from Europe for our Nomad Collection. Right now, we buy this wax from a manufacturer, but we are looking into a collaboration with Dutch farmers to create wax from Dutch rapeseed flowers. We’re not sure if we’ll succeed in doing so, but it’s always special to work on sustainable candles. The soy wax we use for candles outside of the Nomad Collection is grown by a company that focusses on sustainable harvesting, preservation of biodiversity and an honest chain. This way, our beloved lights are also vegan candles!

Natural candles as a gift

Customers often tell us how much the like to gift our natural candles. That’s why we’ve added an option in our shop to let us know the candles are a gift and add a personalized note. Naturally, we believe candles as a gift are always a great idea, but with our natural candles (that are wrapped with great care) you’re sure to make a great impression. We put a lot of time and effort into wrapping gifts, writing personalized cards and all the other little touches before the candles are shipped. We might not hold on to the traditional way of making candles with paraffin or stearin, but we do treasure providing traditionally excellent service.

Natuurlijke kaarsen kopen
Natuurlijke kaarsen vegan

Natural scented candles

It might sound like we have a bit of an attitude, but we sincerely believe we make the best natural scented candles. Why? Because we choose for subtly blended scents which you can also find in the wild. You won’t find any crazy or strong combinations because we want to make sure you feel relaxed after lighting them. Our special candles are a great way to make the short winter days more cozy and to extend those late summer nights a bit longer. The possibilities are endless!

We love to help you out

Please let us know if you have any questions about our natural scented candles. We can tell you everything about the process because we do everything ourselves every step of the way: from pouring and shipping to blending the scents and designing the candle. A lot of questions (and answers) can be found on our frequently asked questions page. Also make sure to check out our Wood Collection, Apothecary Collection or to read more about our artisanal candle studio.