After months of experimenting, we could finally introduce our Refill Collection: tealights like you’re familiar with, but now without an aluminum cup and made of 100% soy wax, the best natural fragrances for candles and a perfect wick (which was quite a lot of work). Therefore, the Refill Collection is ideal to reuse your previously bought Brandt jar or glass. If you haven’t already refilled it with plants, pins, herbs, or your vitamins

Refill scented candles

You can get our refill candles in every scent we offer in our Apothecary Collection, Wood Collection or Seasonal Collection. This way, you can burn them over and over again in your favorite jar. Our scents are completely vegan and we blend them with care to create a subtle immittance. Get the perfect refill candles today!

Ditch the cup

The tealights from the Refill Collection come without a cup. So don’t worry about having to throw away aluminum cups after every burning. This makes our refill candles a lot more sustainable than regular tealights.

Refill kaarsen kopen
Refill kaarsen zonder cup

Scented candle Gift SET

Refill candles are also ideal as a gift. Why? Because we’ve put together a scented candles gift set that include the tealights. The set contains 6 tealights and a candle of your choice from the Apothecary Collection. It’s a great way to introduce someone to our luxurious scented candles and offers the perfect opportunity to make burning candles more sustainable. The scented candles gift set is ideal try out different scents by refilling candles with tealights.

How to burn refill candles

You might only know the traditional way of using tealights. Therefore, we’ve put together a small guide on how to do this the Brandt way:

  • Step 1: Clean your old Brandt glass. Let is soak in warm water for the night to easily remove the wick. Clean it with a dishcloth afterwards.
  • Step 2: Put one of the sustainable tealights into the glass and light it.
  • Step 3: Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy. Each tealights burns up to 5 hours, so that gives you plenty of time to recharge.

Make sure the wick doesn’t drift towards the edge of the glass. The flame should always remain in the middle of the glass. Optionally, use a match to reposition the wick in the middle of the candle. Read more about candle safety here.

Buy Refill Candles

Would you like to start refilling your Brandt candle or are you looking for sustainable tealights? You’ve come to the right place! Our refill candles are the perfect choice for you. Each pack of eco-tealights contains 6 pieces which burn up to 5 hours per candle. That comes down to about 30 hours of burn time: more than enough time to enjoy these refill candles.